Ways to Play with Sarah’s Play Silks

Play silk is an open-ended resource that can turn into so many things. We have juggling scarf at home that I use with my daughter but when I came across Sarah’s Silk in Instagram, I knew I should get one. It caught my attention cause a lot of kids use it in their play, it’s beautiful and I’ve been seeing it a lot in Instagram feeds of a lot of influencer moms. It’s more expensive than the juggling scarf that I have but the quality is better. I’m happy with my investment knowing that it can last for a long time and my daughter can use it for a lot of different ways.

I’m sure you will be fascinated with your little ones’ imagination and creativity with all the things that they can come up with while playing and exploring with Play silk. To share some ideas, here are some of the ways on how you and your child can use it. Happy playing!

  1. Hair accessory or scarf
  2. Carrier for dolls.
  3. Dancing/ Music and movement activity.
  4. Peek-a-boo
  5. For giant playsilk, you can use it to make a fort. Drape it over a table or pikler triangle as a mini house
  6. Blanket for dolls
  7. Picnic rugs or as a food wrap
  8. Small world play. It can be a grass, sea, sand etc
  9. Cape, apron, skirt or dress
  10. Sensory exploration or activity. You can put it in a “mystery box” or tie it in a play gym and let them explore.
  11. Scrunch them and throw them high. Throw it up and catch it.
  12. Threading
  13. Practice folding
  14. Washing during pretend play
  15. Wrap presents
  16. Flag
  17. Pretend fire
  18. Take outdoors. Let it flow and fly in the wind
  19. Use it as a tail. Chase each other and try to take the “tail”.
  20. Color matching activity