Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor skills are the skills you use when you move your hand to do something. It involves small muscles in fingers, hands and forearms. As important it is to us, it’s an essential part of growth and development in a child. It’s necessary for every task that a child completes. From play, writing, coloring, drawing, cutting to daily practical life and self-care activities.  It involves not only the strength and ability to use their hands in small motor movements but also having the control in doing a certain task with coordination. Thus, it’s important to find playful activities that not only strengthen those fine motor muscles but also build their confidence.
Here are some of our favourite activities that will help develop your child’s fine motor skills.
Most children love sorting and it’s a great opportunity to get them practice their fine motor skills. You can link it to other learning objective such as teaching colours as they sort objects according to the colors. They can use their pincer grasp to transfer objects but it will be more fun and challenging to use different resources such as tweezers, tongs, chopsticks, spoons and spatula. You can use some of our Qtoys products such as the colored mushroom and wooden spoon for this activity. And if you have the rainbow stacker at home, you can also use it as a tool to sort the objects according to the color.
Threading/ Stacking Ring  
This is a fantastic activity for children as it not only enhances their hand-eye coordination and develops their little muscles but it can also be calming to them. If you don’t have toy for this activity, you can use other resources that you might already have at home. You can use pasta and a string, Cherrios onto spaghetti, pipe cleaners and straw. In our shop, we have play silk that you can use with wooden rings or toilet roll board. We also have a Avdar tower stacker that’s very ideal for this activity.
Squeezing, kneading, shaping, rolling, poking and squashing are great actions for developing hand strength. Your child can use droppers or sponges to transfer liquids from one bowl to another.  Have some quality time with them by doing activities such as baking and cooking or have fun and go to the beach and make sand castle. Let them play with playdough or kinetic sand. If you do not have ready-made playdough, you can make one with them. Besides, it’s even more fun if they can play with something that they made, right? Beyond being fun, play dough is a great open ended resource that will develop their fine motor skills though play and will also inspire their creativity.
Children likes building or making structures and it’s a great fine motor activity to get them on different manipulative that will provide hours of creative play and lots of learning opportunities. Blocks in particular is a perfect open ended plaything that will help them develop their grasp and hand eye coordination. By picking up, manipulating and stacking the blocks they develop and refine their fine motor skills. Constructing using lego, magnetic tiles, blocks, squigz, stem construction building toys are some of the resources that you can use for this activity. In thinker tribe, we have magnetic tiles and a selection of Avdar stacker products to choose from.  Let them use their imagination with these open-ended toys and let them work on their essential skill while having fun.
Getting dressed/ button and zips
Giving your child an opportunity to try doing things on their own such as dressing up, putting their shoes on or zipping their bags is a great practice for their fine motor skill and hand eye coordination. It will also build their confidence and promote their independence.
Finger painting
It’s a fun task and perfect for the young toddlers. It’s a fantastic sensory activity for them, it promotes creativity, imagination and enhances their fine motor muscle and movement.
Coloring and Drawing
Coloring and drawing helps children develop a proper pencil grip. It provides an opportunity to practice holding pencil the correct way and strengthen their fine motor muscles. It can also help them enhance their concentration and hand eye coordination, promotes creativity and imagination.
Fine motor skills take years to develop and it matures at different rate for each child, some quicker than others. As parents, we have to be patient and do our best to provide an environment that can help them work on those skills. Make it inviting and fun for them. Be on your creative side and motivate their learning. If we do this, they will blossom to the best that they can be!