Kitpas Art & Window Block Crayon (8 Colors)

Kitpas Art & Window Block Crayon (8 Colors)

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Bright and bold drawings unfold with ease with the buttery soft crayons on almost any smooth and non-porous surface such as window, glass, mirror, whiteboard other than paper, and can be easily wiped clean with water.  The water-soluble crayons also turn into gorgeous water-color with a few strokes of a wet brush.

The Kitpas Block Crayons is chunky, suitable for younger children to hold and to colour in larger area. It includes 8 block crayons in a cardboard box

Recommended for 3+ years

Made in Japan. Complies to CE EN71 standard.

.Note :

  • Always do a spot test before drawing on surfaces
  • DO NOT draw on frosted glass, wired glass, glass covered with vinyl, wallpaper, wood, blackboard or metallic materials such as car surfaces as they might be in-erasable
  • Avoid storing Kitpas crayons under direct sunlight or high temperature, crayons may soften when temperature is over 50 degree Celsius, but will harden again when cools down


Size : 4.75L x 2.5W x 1.2D cm each