Kitpas Art & Window Stick Crayon with Holder - Medium (12 Colors)

Kitpas Art & Window Stick Crayon with Holder - Medium (12 Colors)

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Bright and bold drawings unfold with ease with the buttery soft crayons on almost any smooth and non-porous surface such as window, glass, mirror, whiteboard other than paper, and can be easily wiped clean with water.  The water-soluble crayons also turn into gorgeous water-color with a few strokes of a wet brush.

In this Kitpas Stick Crayons (Medium) with holder set, each crayon is fitted inside a sliding holder to keep hands clean. The lid of the case is a portable drawing panel, it is reusable and can be wiped clean with water. There are also two small compartments for color mixing as well. 

This pack includes 12 crayons with sliding holders in a cardboard box, with drawing panel and saucer for color mixing

Recommended for 3+ years

Made in Japan. Complies to CE EN71 standard.

Note :

  • Always do a spot test before drawing on surfaces
  • DO NOT draw on frosted glass, wired glass, glass covered with vinyl, wallpaper, wood, blackboard or metallic materials such as car surfaces as they might be in-erasable
  • Avoid storing Kitpas crayons under direct sunlight or high temperature, crayons may soften when temperature is over 50 degree Celsius, but will harden again when cools down


Size : Medium (1cm Diameter x 7cm L each) ; Holder is 1.4cm Diameter x 9.4cm L